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College Football Betting Guide from VSiN

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Years from now, when there are only two conferences and high school juniors are signing $10 million dollar deals, college football will look very different.

The sport you know and love is changing quickly. The evolution came without much warning, through the transfer portal and NIL. Before that, the College Football Playoff and a huge infusion of television money sent us on this path. Regardless of the conference size or the sponsorship amounts, however, Saturdays are still sacred. Waking up to a full Saturday slate is still one of the greatest moments of the year. You will still chase on Hawaii. You will still embrace kickers being wildly inaccurate, home underdogs thriving off the environment and the imperfections that make college football great.

Yes, the sport is changing. And some of the changes, if we’re being honest, we could do without. But make no mistake about where this is all heading: to the couch, to the parking lot soaked in warm domestic beer, to the sportsbook or your favorite betting app. It’s heading back to the places you always consume college football, because these are the proper ways to consume it. Change all you want, college football -- we’ll come along for the ride.