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Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Hastings and Browman


The basics…

  • Hometown: Independence, Kansas
  • High School: Independence High School (Bulldogs)
  • College: University of Arkansas

When I was a kid…

  • Favorite Athlete: Wilt Chamberlain
  • Favorite Team: Kansas City Royals
  • First Sport I Played: Basketball
  • First Live Sporting Event: 1971 NCAA Regional Basketball Tourney (saw Austin Carr)
  • Dream Job: Outdoor Channel host or NBA commissioner 

Now that I’m all grown up…

  • Coolest Event I’ve Covered: First anniversary of 9/11 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania
  • Event I Hope to Cover: My funeral
  • Favorite Person to Interview: Charlton Heston
  • Person I’d Like to Interview: Clint Eastwood, Sophia Loren, Jason Statham, Graham Norton
  • Favorite Broadcaster: Vin Scully

Away from the job…

  • Hobbies / Interests: Golf, guns and archery
  • Favorite Band: Queen, Pink Floyd, Train, Counting Crows, Blake Shelton
  • Best Concert I’ve Ever Attended: Pink Floyd (Roger Waters) “The Wall,” Sting
  • Favorite Movie: Legends of the Fall, Papillon, Sixteen Candles
  • Favorite TV Show: Walking Dead, Gun Father, Game of Thrones, Fixer Upper, The Voice, Buck Commander
  • Favorite Book: Matthew
  • Unmarketable Skill: I trust

When I was a kid...

  • Favorite Athlete: Louis Wright
  • Favorite Team: Wouldn’t you like to know?
  • First Sport I Played: Basketball. I fouled out all of the time.
  • First Live Sporting Event: Denver Bears baseball
  • Dream Job: Working with Marc Moser and having the “opportunity” to listen to all of his heavy metal songs.

Now that I’m all grown up…

  • Coolest Event I’ve Covered: NI had a chance to be on the field in San Diego after the Broncos beat the Packers for their first Super Bowl win. I was just a few feet away when the players carried off John Elway on their shoulders. Pretty cool!
  • Event I Hope to Cover: A NBA championship with the Nuggets
  • Favorite Person to Interview: Any NHL player. They are nicer than I could ever hope to be.
  • Favorite Broadcaster: Tracy Wolfson. She’s excellent at her job, and comes on our show! And oh yes, Marc Moser.l

Away from the job…

  • Hobbies / Interests: Anything outside. I love to hike. Anywhere. I once hiked on a trip to Las Vegas. Mose will never let me live that down.
  • Favorite Band: Kings of Leon
  • Best Concert I’ve Ever Attended: Sting and Peter Gabriel played together at the Pepsi Center.
  • Favorite Movie: Anchorman. I worked at the TV station in San Diego where the movie was based off of.
  • Favorite TV Show: Yes, Game of Thrones
  • Favorite Book: Anything by Jo Nesbo
  • Unmarketable Skill: Despite having a brand new kitchen, I have the ability to mess up anything I try and cook.