Harris, Hastings and Dover Hour Two - 2/4/19

Monday, February 4, 2019 Colorado Avalanche | NFL | NHL | Podcast

Segment 1: 0:00 We continue to pay our respects to Irv Brown and Terry Frei joins the guys (0:44) to talk about him and share some cool stories about his time with Brown.

Segment 2: 13:16 We open up segment 2 with Brady talking about his most recent Super Bowl win & we break down why Gurley has only had 14 touches in the last two games.

Segment 2: 23:10 We continue breaking down the Super Bowl and talk about why Todd Gurley has not been used. We hear what Gurley said about his not being used at 24:35.

Segment 4: 33:57 Segment 4 starts out with the guys breaking down the Avs game and at 34:39 we hear from Conor McGahey to talk all things Avalanche.